What Is a Stacker Forklift?

Stacking trucks refer to various wheeled vehicles for loading, unloading, stacking, stacking, and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. The International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 is called an industrial vehicle.

The stacker has a simple structure, flexible handling, good micro-movement, and high explosion-proof safety performance. Suitable for narrow aisles
1. Pallet stacker , with bottom legs in front of the stacker, suitable for national standard
(1) Select according to job function
1.The speed of the drive wheels of the stacker is significantly reduced or the drive motor is severely overloaded
Cause: Battery voltage is too low or pile head
1) This equipment is only used for the movement of the mixing tank. It cannot be used for other purposes.
2) Before moving the stacker truck or lifting the fork, you must confirm that there is no one in front of the truck (or fork) or under the fork. If there is any cargo on the fork blocking the line of sight, you should yell a few times, If the vehicle will be used, etc. ", get a response" if it is allowed "or confirm that no one can operate it.
3) In the static state, when lifting the fork, pay attention that the maximum ceiling cannot exceed 60cm.
4) According to the frequency of the electric stacker, charge it in time to ensure that the battery does not lose power and prolong the service life of the equipment. When the charger is fully charged, it will display a green light, and the forklift truck display is more than 15v.
5) When using the fork, if you get out of control, press the "emergency stop" button. Failure of the control handle, the ascending button, and the battery not charging properly, which directly affect safe operation and normal use, are all abnormal conditions. You should stop using the device immediately and cut off the power supply; notify the monitor and notify the equipment maintenance staff to repair it immediately ; And fill in the maintenance situation in the "handover record" for inspection.


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