What Is a Vernier Scale?

Commonly used vernier calipers include vernier calipers, vernier height rulers, vernier depth rulers, tooth thickness vernier calipers, and universal angle rulers. The most common and typical are vernier calipers. Measuring tools for measuring the size, angle, shape accuracy, and mutual position accuracy of parts.

· Introduction:
The tooth thickness vernier caliper uses the principle of the vernier and uses the tooth height ruler to position the tooth thickness measuring tool that reads the distance between the two measuring claws of the tooth thickness ruler relative to each other.

Vernier gage operation

1) Wipe the measuring claws with a soft cloth before testing to make them close together, and check whether the zero scale of the cursor and the main ruler are aligned. If not, the measurement reading should be corrected based on the original error.
2) When measuring the workpiece, hold the ruler with your right hand, move the cursor with your thumb, and hold the object to be measured with your left hand, so that the object to be measured is located between the outer measuring claws and close to the measuring claws, and then tighten the fastening screws.
3) Reading: Read the millimeter integer on the ruler based on the zero scale of the vernier, then read the nth tick mark on the vernier to align with the tick mark on the ruler, and read the size L = millimeter integer part + n * division value .

Vernier gauge maintenance

1) Wipe with cotton cloth
2) Oiled maintenance


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