What Is a Waffle Slab?

Waffles, also known as plaids, checkered biscuits. It is a scone, from Belgium, made in an oven with a special baking pan.


(Dessert name)

Ingredient preparation
Muffin powder, water, eggs, condensed milk, peanut butter, some milk, 1kg muffin powder with 500g of water or milk and 500g of eggs.
Production steps
1. Use a little cold water to mix the muffin powder into the blender, or you can put it into the food bowl by hand and beat it with chopsticks, then pour in milk eggs and continue to beat.
2. Preheat the muffin maker for 2 minutes, put some butter on it, and then take half a cup of slurry and pour it onto the hot pan of the top muffin maker.
3. Cover the machine and bake for 2 minutes. Wait until there is no steam coming out.
4. Turn on the waffle maker and place the prepared muffins on a plate, smear peanut butter and condensed milk and enjoy.
(Peanut butter and condensed milk can be added or not, other jams can be added according to your own taste)
1. Waffles must be kept small and medium-sized.
2. Brush the oil every time you pour the batter.
3. In order to color the waffle evenly, please move the mold to make it evenly heated.
4. When the mold is preheated, a drop of water will disappear quickly.


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