What Is a Yarder?

The royal hunting garden of the Qing Dynasty, the Mulan Paddock, is located in the northeastern part of Hebei Province (Chengde City Manchang Mongolian Autonomous County), and is located in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Since ancient times, it has been a grassland with abundant grasses and animals.

Magnolia yard

The historical Magnolia paddock is mainly composed of the current
The superior a priori geographical environment of the Mulan Paddock made the Emperor Qing select it as a royal hunting ground.
Sehan Oboo Festival
Obao is Mongolian, meaning "stone pile". It was originally a sign of roads and realms. Later, under the influence of religion, it was revered as a fetish. Obao also extended it as "the mountain of worship". It is said that Saihan Aobao was once emperorized by the Emperor Kangxi and was very experienced. People respect the gods and are quite famous locally. Every year on the 13th of the lunar calendar, 40,000 to 50,000 people from all directions come here to worship the gods, make colorful wishes, and slaughter the sheep. The sound there was soaring, the fireworks dazzled, and the colorful red cloth was covering the sky, which was very spectacular.
  • Time: June 13th of the lunar calendar
The magnificent scenery of Mulan's paddock has also attracted the attention of film and television artists, including "Princess Bell", "Sidu Chishui", "The Legend of Jiang Hu" (starring Zheng Shaoqiu), "Jing Jing Qin King" (starring Zhang Fengyi and Gong Li) More than 200 episodes of film and television dramas such as "Biography of the Moon", "The Orphan of the Zhao Family", "The Emperor of the Han Dynasty", and "Biography of Rugao" were completed here.


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