What Is Drop Forging?

Urine drip is not like normal urination. Generally, prostate symptom has this symptom. When you start to urinate, it starts to flow out little by little, and you have a sense of urination, which means that you can't urinate smoothly. Anyone who drops a few times after urinating will have it, just like a few drops of water after turning off the faucet.

Urine drip

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Urine drip is not like normal urination
Experts point out that common diseases that cause urinary drip are prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, urethritis, acute cystitis,
Frequent urination, urgency, and urinary drip can not affect the normal physiological functions of the urinary tract, gonads, and external genitalia if they are not treated for a long time.Especially, it affects sexual desire and sexual function.
1. Seek medical attention in a timely manner.
Urine drip is not like normal urination
With the increase of age, the situation of dripping becomes more and more severe. We often wet the underwear several times a day. I can't control the urine when I urinate. I feel that I can't finish the urination or think that the urine is finished. Come, it is very disturbing. This shows that you have begun to age. This is also a normal physiological phenomenon (mostly urine drips first, and then frequent urination occurs over time, and then urine weakness and urine drips). Now to everyone Introduce a health therapy that overcomes and improves urine dripping and urination, which makes your urination gradually and gradually disappear. Dip does not exist, and you don't need to spend a penny. It can also greatly improve your sleep, as long as you can continue to do it. There are other good health effects for your body, which you will slowly feel, the method is:
Lie down as much as possible to calm your mind, inhale as much as you can, and constrict the anus vigorously, inhale the tongue against the upper jaw, and then slowly exhale the air to relax the anus. The tongue naturally lowers while exhaling, and so on After doing it 100 times, I fell asleep naturally. After training, I could fall asleep after doing more than a dozen. The condition of urine dripping gradually improved with the deepening of the exercise until it disappeared and the urine was strong, so that it returned to normal. Please try it! Guaranteed good source for you. This is the charm of Chinese ethnic medicine. In fact, our ancestors have long written records, but they can't attract people's attention.


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