What Is Dry Cargo?

It refers to condiments and foods whose moisture has been removed by methods such as air drying and drying. Common dry goods such as edible fungus, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, red dates, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, anise, cumin, pepper, wolfberry, longan, peanut, rind, raisins, etc.

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English explanation: dried foods
First, the dry goods must be dehydrated. Things like wet fungus, freshly picked mushrooms, unseasoned jujubes, and green peppers cannot be considered dry goods. Second, many air-dried natural seasonings are dry goods. E.g
Common dry goods are divided into dried fruits, dried vegetables, seasonings, cereals, drinks, medicated food,
Tips for making yuba : yuba can be soaked with warm water if it is soaked in warm water. If it is soaked in hot water, it can easily cause unevenness in the softness and hardness, and even the appearance of rotten and hard inside.
Tips for Tremella: When soaking Tremella, you can soak it in cold water for 1 hour, then remove the roots, impurities, and wash before cooking.
Tips for drying daylily: remove daylily stalks and impurities, soak in cold water for 30 minutes, squeeze water and use.
Perm dry lily in boiling water: first wash the dried lily, put it in a prepared container, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, soak it in a lid for about half an hour, remove the impurities, and then cook.
Tips for making kelp : put dried kelp into the steamer for half an hour, use it after removing it
China is a big catering country, so there are many dry goods markets all over the country. Just pay attention and you can find it near you. With the rise of the Internet, many dry goods information websites have appeared, such as
When buying dry goods, consumers must first smell and then distinguish the color. For example, dry goods containing excessive sulfur dioxide have a sour sulfur smell, and the more the content, the heavier the sulfur smell; the color of smoked dry goods is different from Normal colors, such as smoked white fungus, the appearance is white, the white color of white fungus should be white and yellow, not as good as smoked, the color of smoked gold needles is yellow, and the yellow and white colors are unevenly distributed. Gold needles are golden or brown
Dry goods
Yellow with uniform color. Pay attention to whether it is completely dry and must not be moldy or rotten; (1) The dry goods are complete in appearance and can show whether they are carefully screened. (2) The more uniform the texture, the better the quality and processing technology; no insects, natural color: do not buy some dried and bleached dry goods. (3) Note that the color should not be too dim, it may be a secondary product that has been left for too long.
Dry goods
When consumers buy dry goods, how to identify the dried seafood added with formaldehyde [1] ?
At a glance, if seafood is very white and bulky, it should be avoided;
Second smell, the formaldehyde-soaked seafood will leave some irritating odors;
Three touches, the seafood frothed with formaldehyde is easily broken.


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