What Is Ethanol Alcohol?

Ethanol (ethanol), organic compound, molecular formula C 2 H 6 O, simple structure CH 3 CH 2 OH or C 2 H 5 OH, commonly known as alcohol, is the most common monohydric alcohol.

Ancient Chinese working people started using grain early
1.According to the raw materials used in production, it can be divided into starchy raw material fermentation alcohol, molasses raw material fermentation alcohol,
Preparation of raw materials
Fuel ethanol generally refers to anhydrous ethanol with a volume fraction of more than 99.5%. It is a good octane blending component and gasoline oxygenator. Burning ethanol gasoline can effectively reduce PM2.5 and CO in automobile exhaust [1], As one of the representatives of renewable liquid fuels, it can supplement fossil fuel resources, reduce the dependence of petroleum resources on external sources, and reduce greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions. In recent years, it has received widespread attention from countries around the world. Since Brazil and the United States took the lead in vigorously implementing fuel ethanol policies in the mid-1970s, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden and other countries have followed suit. At present, the first-generation fuel ethanol industry using sugar cane and corn as raw materials has formed a scale. Fuel ethanol Has become the world's largest consumer of biofuels.
Toxicity: Low toxicity.
There are physical and chemical methods for the determination of alcohol content.
Physical method:
Dispose according to the requirements of relevant national and local regulations. Or contact the manufacturer or manufacturer to determine the disposal method. This product is based on "
Alcohol can impair people's cognitive functions, such as selective concentration, cognitive control, and information processing. Therefore, alcohol can also interfere with the interpretation of sexual cues. Because the structure of the prefrontal cortex of the brain is particularly susceptible to acute or chronic drinking, drinking plays a very important role in affecting impulse.
Pornographic movies can induce sexual impulses, and the frequency of EEG changes while watching pornographic movies. Alcohol can also affect EEG. Mexican scientists have studied the effects of alcohol on men's EEG while watching pornographic movies.
Twenty-three 23-31-year-old healthy heterosexual men participated in the study. They were divided into the drinking group and the non-drinking group. After 35 minutes of drinking, the EEG of the prefrontal, temporal, and parietal lobe was recorded. Condition: watching pornographic movies and watching neutral movies.
EEG data show that men who have drunk and watched pornographic movies have the greatest changes in the brain's prefrontal brain waves. Alcohol suppresses men's prefrontal brain excitement when watching erotic movies, but does not affect sexual excitement. Alcohol affects the function of the prefrontal cortex, which may interfere with men's ability to deal with visual sexual stimuli, leading to men's prone to drinking disorder.
Recently, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States unexpectedly discovered a method to directly convert carbon dioxide into ethanol, which may greatly change the way we use energy in the future. [7]
Rumor one: Alcohol cleaning the router interface can enhance the signal.
Truth: The reasons and solutions for the unstable and slow WIFI signal of the router are as follows [8] :
1. Poor WIFI signal caused by occupying memory space.
Solution: Restart the router regularly and turn off the router for about ten minutes. In addition, the router should be placed in a place where heat dissipation is more convenient.
2. There are interference signals from electronic devices around.
Solution: Placing the router in an open place away from the TV and refrigerator will help improve the stability and strength of the WIFI signal.
3. The router interface is dusty.
Solution: Remove the router, prepare a container, pour the alcohol in the capacity of the plastic bottle cap, and wipe a small amount of alcohol with a clean cotton swab to wipe the interfaces of the router. After cleaning, put it in a ventilated place to air dry and then use. It will have certain enhancement effect on WIFI signal.
4. Router components are aging.
Solution: In view of this situation, there is no good solution. Component aging is irreversible damage. If the router is used for more than 5 years, it is recommended to replace it with a new router.
From the above, only when there is a large amount of dust on the router interface, can the alcohol cleaning interface have a certain effect of enhancing the WIFI signal, instead of saying that alcohol must solve the problem of slowing WIFI, which is too absolute [8] .
Myth 2: All alcohol can be used to disinfect wounds [9] .
The truth: Alcohol is widely used in daily life, such as medical alcohol, industrial alcohol, alcohol concentration, etc. When people's skin tissues are damaged, alcohol is usually applied to the wound, hoping to play a role in sterilization.
However, industrial alcohol cannot be used to disinfect wounds because it contains the impurity methanol. This is because methanol can be absorbed by broken skin and enter the human body, and formaldehyde is formed under the action of liver organ dehydrogenase. The aqueous solution of formaldehyde is the well-known formalin solution. Formaldehyde has special selective destructive effects on the human central optic nerve and central nervous system, which can denature proteins in these tissues, which can cause serious consequences such as eye discomfort, nausea and vomiting, general pain and even blindness. Not only that, formaldehyde may also continue to react with dehydrogenase to generate formic acid, which may cause abnormal liver function and immune function of the human body, damage the central nervous system, and damage the genetic material in the cells [9] .
Liquor can be used for disinfection, but it can only be used in the absence of disinfectant drugs. Most alcohol on the market is less than 65 percent. Although this alcohol-containing product has a certain bactericidal effect, because of its low alcohol concentration, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, so it is also not recommended to use white wine as a disinfectant. After experiments and long-term clinical data verification, the alcohol content has the best bactericidal effect at 75%. Below this value, its bactericidal effect decreases as the alcohol concentration decreases. When the concentration is too high, alcohol will cause the protein on the surface of the bacteria to deteriorate, so that it cannot enter the bacteria to achieve the sterilization effect. The alcohol concentration of medical alcohol is controlled at 75%, and it is a professional bactericidal drug [9] .
So, although alcohol has a bactericidal effect, this does not mean that all products containing alcohol can be used to sterilize wounds. Other ingredients contained in these products may not only cause differences in bactericidal effects, but may also cause further wound damage [9] .


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