How Do I Choose the Best Torn Muscle Treatment?

In sports, due to improper preparation activities, the physiological function of a muscle has not reached the state necessary for adapting to exercise; the training level is insufficient, and the muscles are weak in elasticity and strength; fatigue or excessive load causes the muscles to decline in function and strength , Coordination is reduced; incorrect technical movements or inattention during exercise, excessive or violent movements; too low temperature and humidity, and muscle strain caused by poor quality of the venue or equipment.

Torn muscle

In sports, due to improper preparation activities,
If there is a small amount of muscle fiber breakage in the thigh muscles, a cold compress, local compression bandaging should be given immediately, and the affected limb should be elevated, externally applied with Chinese herbal medicine, and the muscles should be sent to the hospital for surgical suture immediately after compression or bandaging. 1. The most convenient way to apply ice is to take a plastic bag and put ice cubes in it for about 20 minutes. During the cold compress, there may be some tingling. At this point, the injured person can remove the plastic bag for a while and then put it back on. Repeat this step, and repeat it once every 3 hours in severe cases. 2. Apply pressure bandaging to the injured area with a bandage after applying ice to prevent swelling. At this time, it is best to bandage and fix the muscle in the stretched state to prevent it from affecting the muscle contraction. This is the most critical step to prevent the injured muscle from being repeatedly damaged. [2] 3. In severe cases, it is necessary to raise the injured limb and at the same time take some pain and hemostatic drugs. Remove the bandage after 24 to 48 hours. According to the injury condition, the traditional Chinese medicine for activating blood circulation and swelling can be applied externally, and the injured part can be massaged with a lighter technique.


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