How Do I Get Help for a Heroin User?

Heroin, a generic term for a series of morphine drugs, is a semi-synthetic drug obtained with morphine alkaloids as the starting point for synthesis, commonly known as the number, white powder, and white flour. It is the refined product in the opioid series. Generally includes heroin base (diacetylmorphine), heroin salts (including hydrochloride, nitrate, tartrate and citrate, but generally referred to as hydrochloride) and heroin hydrate.

Heroin, a series of morphine drugs, is based on
Heroin comes from opioids, which were formerly or commonly known as "
Heroin can be divided into five categories from one to five according to purity and composition. According to the United Nations Heroin Classification Standard, heroin No. 1 is actually opium because of crude morphine base or morphine salt.
The research on heroin testing technology has been carried out for many years in the world. No matter it is the classic technology method or the emerging technology method, it can be applied.
Reason for first intake
A survey of 266 cases showed that the first reasons for heroin use were curiosity or boredom, such as eliminating annoyances (38.8%), pain relief
Heroin addicts have repeatedly used drugs for a long time, resulting in emotional instability, lack of responsibility towards themselves, family and society, loneliness and strong inferiority
A common cause of sudden death from heroin use is heroin overdose that causes respiratory depression and acute pulmonary edema deaths, accounting for about 1/2 of the deaths from heroin use. Part of the death due to serious complications, including long-term drug use, causing various damage to the heart, causing electrophysiological disorders, prone to complications such as endocarditis, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, hemodynamics and pulmonary edema Severe cases often cause sudden cardiac arrest and sudden death. Existing complications exacerbate or induce new complications during acute withdrawal. Such as: cerebral vascular rupture, pulmonary tuberculosis spread, pulmonary failure, induced epilepsy and other sudden death. Drug use combined with surgical diseases such as perforation or bleeding of gastrointestinal ulcers, intestinal obstruction, severe water and electrolyte disturbances caused by bile and renal colic, or severe traumatic shock lead to sudden death. Long-term drug use has resulted in multiple organ, multiple system failure, cardiogenic shock, and sudden death. The rescue principle is that, under the premise of early diagnosis, first establish an artificial airway and artificial ventilation, provide sufficient oxygen, correct hypoxemia, use specific antagonists and actively prevent various complications. [158-161]
By the end of 2005, there were 1.16 million registered drug users in China, of which 700,000 heroin users, accounting for 78.3% of the total number of drug users. According to the estimation of the existing drug users nationwide in 2005, heroin consumption will cost at least 27 billion yuan each year. At the end of 2009, it was reported as 978,000, accounting for 73.2% of the total number of drug users. In 2013, it was 1.326 million, and it was reported in 2014 that it was 1.458 million. (This number is the total number of opioid users. There is no clear distinction between opium, morphine and heroin, but considering the characteristics of drug distribution in mainland China, it can be considered that it is mainly or all heroin) . With reference to the internationally dominant and recessive ratios, the actual number of users may exceed 7 million. The huge number of drug addicts has put heavy pressure on families and society. [163-165]
Heroin sales directly and indirectly caused tremendous criminal pressure. In 2014 alone, the total amount of heroin seized reached 9.3 tons, with a market value of billions of RMB. Behind this are bigger illegal transactions and criminal acts. A survey in Xinjiang shows that in order to raise drug money, 72% of men have committed crimes such as stealing, robbing, deceiving, and 81% of women have engaged in prostitution. A survey in New Zealand also showed that 88% of smokers commit crimes every day. [165-167]
Heroin consumption also increases the spread of the disease. For example, the earliest HIV-infected people in China were drug addicts in Yunnan. By the end of 2004, 63.7% of the 89,007 HIV-infected people confirmed by testing had been infected by intravenous injection. Become the main way of HIV infection. [5] [168] [5]


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