What Are Fingertip Bandages?

Nails are flat nail-like structures on the back of the finger (toe) of humans and apes, and belong to connective tissue. It is a deformed claw, also called flat claw, and its main component is keratin. It is the same as the claw, the claw palate shrinks, and the claw plate forms a rectangular thin sheet, which refers to the product of keratinization of the epidermis of the (toe) end, which protects the end of the finger (toe).

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Nails are human and
1. Keep nails dry and clean. This can prevent bacteria or other microorganisms from accumulating in the nails and causing infections.
1. Silicon is required for hair, bones and nails.
2. Vitamin B is supplemented with riboflavin (B2), B12, and folic acid. Vitamin B deficiency can easily make nails fragile.
3. Beer yeast is rich in protein.
4. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D; they are essential nutrients for nail growth.
5. Vitamin C; Inflammation and deficiency of the barbs and tissues around the nails
1. Nail cross and longitudinal
The smoothness of the nail surface is a sign of health. However, someone's nails bulged several rib-shaped transverse channels, which indicates that the body has an abnormality, and an already ill or latent disease is about to erupt.
People like nails on common hands grow faster than nails on the other hand if you are
In daily life, accidents such as nails being squeezed out often occur, but more often, the nail seam rupture and bleeding are often caused by accidents.
1. When nails are squeezed out, the most important thing is to prevent bacterial infections. During emergency treatment, first squeeze the nails out of the nails, fix them with gauze and bandages, and then apply cold packs. Then raise the injured limb and go to the hospital immediately.
2. The nail seam ruptures and bleeds, you can use honey to warm the water halfway, stir well, and apply it several times a day to gradually cure. If the nail rupture is a ball player, during the treatment, if you need to continue to play, you must use adhesive tape to wrap the end of the finger with 2-3 layers to protect it and remove it immediately after playing to avoid infection.
3. If there is bleeding under the nail bed due to trauma, the blood does not flow out, and the root of the nail bed is swollen, and the pain is unbearable. After pressure bandaging nails.
1. After your fingernails are squeezed out, if it is night time, you cannot go to the hospital, you should disinfect the area. If you have antibiotic ointment at home, you should remove it. Be sure to go to the hospital the next day. In case of infection.
2. Do not cut your nails too "bare", otherwise the nail seam will rupture and bleed.
3. People with a history of nail rupture and bleeding should also pay attention to eat more foods containing more vitamin A in daily diet, such as cabbage, radish, leek and pork liver, etc. to increase skin elasticity.
Step 1: Correct posture. Let the baby lie flat on the bed, and the mother leans on the bed (fixed with arms to ensure that the hands are stable), hold the baby's small hand near you, and preferably have the same direction and angle (this is not easy to cut too deep And hurt the baby). The mother sits, holds the baby on her body with her back against the mother, and then holds the baby's small hand in the same direction.
Step 2: The way of handshake. Separate your baby's five fingers and pinch one of the fingers. Cut one for another. It is best not to hold a row of nail clippers at the same time, so as to prevent the baby suddenly moving a row of fingers together, the force is not easy to control, and it is easy for scissors to accidentally hurt other nails.
Step 3: The order of trimming. Cut the middle first and repair both ends. Because it will be easier to grasp the length of the trim and avoid cutting the corners too deep.
Step 4: The work of rounding. After two trimmings, the nails may be cut out of sharp corners. Be sure to trim these sharp corners and round them to avoid this sharp corner becoming a "weapon" for scratching your baby.
Step 5: Check. The mother can use her finger to make a circle along the baby's little nails for a check, and find out the sharp corners in time.
Step 6: Meat stabbing. Find and deal with the thorns on your baby's nails in time. Never remove it directly by hand, so as not to pull too much and hurt the surrounding skin tissue. Use scissors to cut the meat stabs evenly.
Step 7: Clean the dirt. For some dirt hidden in the nails, it is best to clean it after trimming, and it is not suitable to use hard objects to pick it.
Step 8: Avoid "inlay armor." The corners on both sides of the nail must not be cut too deep, otherwise the nails that grow will easily become embedded in the soft tissue and become "inlay nails". Inlay nails can damage the skin around the nails, cause a purulent infection of the subcutaneous tissue, and cause paronychia or other inflammation. [1]
The analysis of nails began in ancient times. Healing doctors advocate nail analysis, which is still used today, but most people do nt know that small nails can accurately reflect the health of the human body.
The back of the nail is swollen up high, and the area around the nail is curved downward. Nails of this shape may indicate emphysema, tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease,
In July 2018, Shridar Kylar, the Guinness World Record holder with the longest single-hand nails, wanted to cut off the nails that have been left for 66 years, and in the "believe it or not!" On display at the Plaza Museum.
This historic surgery was performed at the "Believe It or Not!" Times Square Museum, which only took about twenty minutes. The total length of the cut nails has reached 909.6 cm, as long as a bus; just the thumb nail length-197.8 cm-is enough to compare with the height of NBA players [2] .


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