What Is Factor VIII?

Coagulation factor VIII is a hemostatic biological drug, also known as clotting factor VIII (commonly known as "factor VIII").

Coagulation factor eight

Because clotting factor VIII needs to be prepared from blood, like other blood products, there will be blood product contamination. These problems were once more serious in our country. Some of the AIDS and hepatitis C infections that have occurred in China are related to blood donation and blood Products are related to contamination. Through strict restrictions on blood donors and strict testing, these phenomena have now improved. However, to improve blood safety awareness and reduce blood transfusion, especially whole blood transfusion and plasma use, medical education should be strengthened.
Media reports on September 10, 2009: Injured and bleeding did not stop, and one must be careful when walking. Yu Yong (pseudonym), who has hemophilia, lived this kind of life since he was a child. By chance, he started to inject a blood product called "eight factor of coagulation" with excellent hemostatic effect. Unexpectedly, this magic drug not only gave him no hope, but put him into greater despair. After 1998, more than a hundred people with hemophilia were infected with AIDS in the country. They suspected that they were infected with AIDS because they used the eight factors that were not treated by the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products for virus inactivation. In Foshan, there were three patients, including Yu Yong, who sued the Shanghai Institute of Health. The case was first heard in the Chancheng District Court on September 9, 2009. This is the first time a similar case has been heard in China. The case was heard all morning, and no verdict was issued.


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