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Hinomisawa Syndrome is a fictional disease in the Japanese game and anime "When the Chilling Cry", as the key key to the whole event runs through the beginning and end of the game and anime, also known as "chill disease".

Hinamizawa syndrome

Hinomisawa syndrome is a Japanese game and anime "

The entire disease in the game is divided into 5 levels, labeled L1-L5. Symptoms are different at each level. L1 is the lightest and L5 is the worst. The phenomena in the game at all levels are as follows:
Three key medicines have emerged around "Hinaomizawa Syndrome".
^ Conclusion of a study by Takano Sanji. In simple terms, the infected person will follow the Queen infected person. Once the Queen infected person dies, other infected persons will develop L5 symptoms (in fact, it is a hypothesis that the Queen infected person dies and other infected persons have L5 symptoms. It is just Takano One Two Three's conjecture. , Takano Sansi, as his fanatic, is convinced of his theory. However, in the Mianliu and Muming chapters, no villagers became ill 72 hours after his death, and the other villages died in the terminal battles launched by the March Fourth Movement. . According to the speculation of March Fourth, the queen infected person of this generation is Gushou Pear.


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