What Should be in an Office First Aid Kit?

First aid kits are small bags containing first-aid medicines and sterile gauze, bandages, etc., which are rescue items for emergency use in case of accidents. According to different environments and different use objects, it can be divided into different categories. Such as different according to different use objects can be divided into home first aid kits, outdoor first aid kits, car first aid kits, gift first aid kits, earthquake first aid kits and so on.

First aid kit

Disaster prevention first-aid kit, suitable for use in harsh environments during sudden disasters, with reasonable internal functional divisions and more convenient access to items; comprehensive and scientific configuration, exclusive provision of disaster prevention emergency self-rescue supplies suitable for accidents such as earthquakes and fire To meet the comprehensive needs from daily health care to disaster self-rescue, from outdoor travel to field work protection, generally equipped with water and food.
Red Cube Lifesaving Manual: It mainly teaches you how to escape, and is written according to your national conditions and regional conditions.
Personnel information card: In fact, it is just a general note paper, with personal information written on it, and a "contact person" in an emergency.
Professional DVD teaching material: It teaches you how to escape. It has a more visual image and can usually be watched.
Lifesaving whistle: Whistle when you need rescue, remind yourself of your position and save your strength.
Emergency flashlight: manual power lighting for lighting.
1. Component classification:
Many families in Europe, America, Japan and other countries will be equipped with a first aid kit to save their lives at the critical moment of life and death.
Waterproof and windproof matches: Matchsticks have waterproof wax seals, moisture-proof, plastic box packaging, and matchsticks are thicker than normal. In addition, there are metal waterproof matches.
5 meters long rope: can be used for escape, strapping and other purposes, and can even be tied to the body to protect against the cold.
Anti-slip gloves: No matter what kind of disaster, there is always the possibility of being trapped in a small enclosed space. Before the rescuers arrive, dig it yourself.
Multi-purpose folding tool knife: can provide effective help.
It is specifically aimed at first aid treatment after being bitten by snakes or insects; it can also be applied to bee bites. Including: drug swabs;
What our country's first aid kit should have: radio, whistle or other sending device, bottled water, compressed biscuit, sweet chocolate, vitamin tablets, passbook, ID, contact list of relatives and friends with phone and address, money, insulation blanket, gloves, Flashlights, batteries, mobile phones, trauma accessories and emergency medicines (including
Special attention needs to be paid to the following:
1. First-aid supplies must be completely sealed and packed in first-aid kits. Although first-aid kits must be waterproof, double insurance is more secure for life to be rescued.
2. Try to choose medicines that will not cause a strong allergic reaction, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
On August 22, 2019, the Beijing Red Cross Society held its tenth member congress. Li Baofeng, the party secretary and executive vice chairman of the Beijing Red Cross, revealed that Beijing has obtained more than 1.3 million first-aid training certificates, and strives to reach the permanent population by 2023. 10%. [1]


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