What Are Actin Filaments?

Microfilaments are filaments formed by helical aggregation of actin molecules, also known as actin filaments. They form a cytoskeleton with microtubules and intermediate fibers. A protein with a molecular weight of about 42 kDa is also a highly conserved protein, which will not exceed 20% due to species differences (such as algae and humans). Microfilaments play important roles in many cell functions such as cell attachment, spreading, movement, endocytosis, and cell division. [1]


Microfilaments can be assembled and disassembled. When the monomer is bound

Microfilament relaxin

It can cut the microfilament fiber, and bind to the microfilament end to inhibit the addition of actin to the microfilament fiber, specifically inhibit the microfilament function. [1]


It can specifically bind to the microfilament, which stabilizes the microfilament fiber and inhibits its function. Fluorescently labeled ghost pen cyclopeptide can specifically display microfilaments. [1]
Ghost pen cyclic peptide staining of microfilaments (6 photos)


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