What Is a Cardiac Enzyme?

The group standards of the "Enzyme Product Classification Guidelines" issued in 2016 and the industry standards to be issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on July 1, 2019 define plant enzymes as: plants are used as the main raw material, with or without auxiliary materials, and fermented by microorganisms Generic name of the enzyme product containing specific biologically active ingredients. [1-2]

Plant enzyme

With people's attention to health, supplementing enzymes (enzymes) is now entering a golden age. A reporter's investigation found that in developed countries, "supplementing enzymes (enzymes)" has become popular. For example, former US President Bush and movie star Stallone are using "enzyme (enzyme)" products for health. In Japan, the application of supplementary enzyme (enzyme) products has been used for hundreds of years. The consumption of "enzyme (enzyme)" has become a Japanese health habit, and Japan has become the world's longest-lived nation. At the same time, the consumption habits of supplementary enzymes (enzymes) are rapidly spreading to China. In first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, many people have become the first beneficiaries of enzyme (enzyme) products.
Behind this phenomenon, the current "enzyme deficiency" is very common, and people have a great need for supplementary enzymes (enzymes). Enzyme, commonly known as catalyst, is needed for the absorption and operation of all human nutrients. What are the consequences of a lack of enzymes? There is a saying that a person lacking enzymes (enzymes) is like a car lacking oil. According to the latest scientific conclusions from abroad, the number of people who become ill due to "insufficient food intake and lack of enzymes" exceeds the total number of AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and accidents. These studies confirm that all diseases, from cancer to colds, have a common root cause-"food deficiencies and enzymes (enzymes) deficiency."
An undeniable fact is that environmental pollution, high work pressure, etc. cause a large amount of enzymes (enzymes) in the body to be consumed. About 60% to 70% of modern humans have insufficient enzymes (enzymes). At the same time, due to the continuous consumption of enzymes (enzymes) and the human body's ability to synthesize enzymes (enzymes) is limited, enzymes (enzymes) need to be supplemented from the outside.
Specificity of catalytic reaction
The role of enzymes in accelerating or slowing down chemical reactions. Hundreds of different reactions performed simultaneously in a living cell are performed by means of a considerable number of enzymes contained in the cell. They exhibit characteristics not found in general industrial catalysts in terms of specificity of catalytic reaction, catalytic efficiency, and sensitivity to temperature and pH. In many cases, small structural changes in a substrate molecule can lose the ability of a compound to serve as a substrate.
An enzyme can only act on a certain class or a specific substance. This is the specificity of enzyme action. For example, glycosidic, ester, and peptide bonds can be hydrolyzed by acid-base catalysis, but the enzymes that hydrolyze these chemical bonds are different. They are the corresponding glycosidases, esterases, and peptidases. Sexual enzymes can hydrolyze.
for example
Urease can only catalyze urea and hydrolyze it into ammonia and carbon dioxide, but has no effect on methyl urea, which has a very similar structure. Some enzymes exhibit a lower degree of specificity and can act on a variety of compounds with a particular chemical group. The enzyme's catalytic efficiency is obviously higher than other types of catalysts. Under certain conditions, each catalase can convert 5 million hydrogen peroxide molecules in one minute, which is orders of magnitude higher than other catalysts. Complex reaction sequences that take days or months to complete in a chemistry lab, enzymes can catalyze them in seconds.
Mutual transformation
Nearly 2,000 different enzymes are known, of which at least 200 have been crystallized, and it has been proven that the enzymes are all proteins with molecular weights ranging from about 10,000 to over 1,000,000. They are usually classified and named according to the reaction catalyzed by the enzyme. For example, oxidoreductase can catalyze electron transfer reactions and play an important role in cellular respiration and energy production; transferases can catalyze a chemical group from one substrate to another; hydrolytic enzymes can catalyze proteins, Hydrolysis of nucleic acids, starch, fats, phosphates, and other substances; lyases can catalyze non-hydrolytic cleavage of substrates and generate double bonds; isomerases can catalyze the conversion of isomers into each other.
The activity of some enzymes is determined solely by their protein structure, while others require one or more non-protein components called cofactors. Cofactors can be organic molecules in which metal ions are called coenzymes; some enzymes require both in their action.
1. 99% of chronic diseases in humans are related to consumption of junk food and insufficient or lack of enzymes. Human cells carry out more than 6000 kinds of "biochemical reactions" every day. Correspondingly, more than 6000 kinds of enzymes (enzymes) must provide nutrition to participate in the metabolism of the body. No matter which one is missing, it is either sick or dead. !!
2. Good health depends on the perfect functioning of all metabolic enzymes (enzymes), so we must ensure that the body can eat the nutritional sources needed by the enzymes to achieve the health of the enzymes (enzymes) without any interference Role.
3. Lack of enzymes (enzymes) is the number one killer of modern people's health. Dr. Howell's 50-year study concluded that "lack of enzymes (enzymes)" killed more people than AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and accidents Sum; from cancer to cold, all diseases have a common root cause-the lack of enzymes (enzymes).
4. Modern life destroys enzymes (enzymes) violently. Environmental pollution, junk food, pesticide residues, food additives, fast-paced lifestyle, overdraft physical fitness, often staying up late, excessive brain use, smoking and drinking will all consume a large amount of enzymes (enzymes) in the body.
5. During the lifetime of a person, the enzymes (enzymes) produced in the body are limited. With the increase of age, the enzymes (enzymes) secreted from the body are exuberant to insufficient; the ability to rely on ingestion of nutrients to synthesize enzymes (enzymes) gradually decreases, and As a result, the amount of enzymes (enzymes) in the body gradually decreases.
6. Most modern people need supplements (enzymes). Deficiency of enzymes (enzymes) will bring a heavy burden on the body and affect smooth metabolism, leading to problems such as hypofunction, decreased immunity, indigestion, gastrointestinal discomfort, and poor physical performance. Obesity, constipation, skin aging, cardiovascular disease, and so on will take advantage of it.
1. Plant enzymes promote metabolism to break down aging necrotic cells, create new cells, and maintain normal metabolism in the body.
Plant enzymes are also called catalysts for body metabolism. Exist in
Preventive health care has become a nation's need for health. Preventive health care and health foods were included in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the first time. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan, the output value of China s health industry will reach 1 trillion yuan by 2015, with an annual growth rate of 20%. .
In the latest "China Enzyme Industry Development Research Report 2013" released by Qianxun Consulting, "China's enzyme (enzyme) industry is in a period of rapid development, and the main factor influencing the expansion of the industry's output value is people's awareness of enzymes (enzymes) Consumption habits. But when people consider enzyme (enzyme) food as a good type of dietary supplement, enzyme (enzyme) products will be able to scale to 100 billion yuan. "
In the field of preventive health care, every brand new nutritional and functional food will open a new era of consumption, as will "enzyme" products. It is reported that 99% of human chronic diseases are related to enzyme (enzyme) deficiency. In China, there are currently 260 million people diagnosed with chronic diseases, and deaths caused by chronic diseases account for 85% of total deaths in China. Therefore, based on the huge population base lacking "enzymes (enzymes)", China's market demand for supplementing "enzymes (enzymes)" products is huge.
Industry insiders predict that as the initiator and leader of domestic "enzyme supplement" products, plant enzymes (enzymes) occupy the commanding heights of the industry's development, and will not only promote nutritional functional foods from the vitamin era into "supplement enzymes (enzymes)" At the same time, it will also be the first to explore the new blue ocean of the domestic "supplement enzymes" 100 billion market.
How about the effect of natural beautifying enzymes on weight loss? Want to know the effect of natural beautifying enzymes on weight loss, first look at the main ingredients of natural beautifying enzymes and their efficacy. An unexpected opportunity. In the United Kingdom, an expert suggested that he used the leaven of plants to achieve the effect of weight loss. However, he did not expect that this was an opportunity to disconnect him from obesity and pain, and successfully extracted the fat-decomposing function. Enzyme, which is the main ingredient from natural beauty enzymes, JF80 enzyme, and then selected more than 20 other plant enzymes, developed and successfully developed a product of natural beauty enzymes. Since the introduction of natural beauty enzyme products, the number of obese people in the world is increasing now, which has caused commotion in many countries. [3]
Based on the development of chitosan, some scholars have researched and developed a new generation of innovative products-health food with plant enzyme chitosan, and obtained a national patent number. Its basic principle is to combine plant enzymes and chitosan to exert their synergistic effect. Plant enzymes are composed of a variety of enzymes. They are isolated, extracted and purified from natural animals, plants and microorganisms through high technology. They are a pure natural food with both nutrition and health care. The purpose of this study was to develop a high degree of deacetylation of chitosan and high-purity papain,
(1) Cosmetic effect
Enzymes not only have health-care functions, but also can eliminate the accumulation of excessive carbonated water in the human body and replenish energy. The most important thing is weight loss, beauty, beauty and other effects. Related people have found that regular use of enzymes can maintain skin health and keep fit. Some experiments have shown that "lipid peroxides" are the enemy of beauty. If the lipid peroxides in the human body increase, the metabolism of skin cells will not function properly, and waste products will accumulate in the skin, thereby forming pigmentation and causing skin The rate of aging increases, causing skin to relax and increase wrinkles. Enzymes can reduce peroxidative lipids in the human body, prevent the formation of peroxidative lipids, and help people maintain their natural skin. The large number of vitamins and antioxidants in enzymes can not only enhance the body's immune and anti-toxic capabilities, but also improve the digestive system, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, detoxification and health care and other obvious functions. Regular drinking can whiten and rejuvenate skin, remove spots, and slow down aging. Quickly dilute melanin, eliminate aging cutin, replenish skin nutrients and moisture, reduce rough pores, and make the skin more shiny. In addition to drinking, using high-quality enzymes and in a spare mask, applying it on the face can also be applied to the skin after sun exposure, rough skin, oily yellowing, pigmentation and other skins. Add bath water and shampoo. Can make the skin more inhibit the formation of fat, and quickly break down fat and sugar in the body, and lose weight when it is beneficial to the body.
(2) Weight loss effect
Enzymes help digestion, and can also lose weight when it is beneficial to the body, so that the body can most effectively absorb nutrients, break down fats and sugars, and so on. In Europe and the United States and other countries, enzyme weight loss is more popular, especially in the form of enzyme powder.
(3) The role of health care in the elderly
Japanese scientists have discovered that in addition to preventing labor diseases, in addition to sweating, lowering blood pressure, treating sore throat, relieving constipation, activating bones and strengthening immune functions, it also has a positive significance for the rehabilitation of cancer patients. After a period of "enzyme therapy", many people's hypertension has dropped, angina has eased, constipation has disappeared, their complexion has become rosy, and their bodies have strengthened. Many patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have really had difficulty obtaining medicines. Achieve the desired effect.
(4) Elimination of alcohol
Experiments have shown that after drinking the same amount of alcohol, people who eat enzymes have much lower levels of ethanol in their blood than people who do nt. To further understand this phenomenon, the researchers measured the movement of ethanol in the digestive site of the gastrointestinal tract, and as a result, people who drank both alcohol and enzymes stored more ethanol in their stomachs. It can be seen that after eating enzymes, ethanol stays in the stomach for a long time and will not be quickly absorbed by the human body, making the highest concentration of ethanol in the blood low and reaching a high peak value slowly, so the reason why enzymes can eliminate alcohol is That's it.
(5) Eliminate fatigue
Athletes need to continuously ingest various animal foods to make the internal environment acidic, and then maximize the energy of the body to complete the training program. During the training process, a large amount of lactic acid is produced in the body. The best way to eliminate fatigue is to take enzymes to supplement alkaline substances, so that the body reaches acid-base balance as soon as possible.


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