What Is Human Body Software?

Human body software-something that gives you endless possibilities!

The beauty of human software

Human body software-something that gives you endless possibilities!
Let's see how an ordinary child can create miracles and change the world! How to embrace the best and enjoy the future!
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The first volume comes from the temptation of the future.
A total of 197602 words
Chapter One Enemy Change Plan
Chapter 2 Startup Countermeasures
Chapter Three When 2012 Meets 2025
Chapter IV Future Tech Workers
Chapter 5 Frog Prince
Chapter 6 Sending yourself to a mental hospital
Chapter VII
Chapter Eight Makes Him Lazy
Chapter Nine Becomes Little White Face
Chapter ten turns out to be the immature man
Chapter Eleven The Dark War Is Coming
Chapter 12 I'm too lazy to wear
Chapter 13. That Boy Is the Real Enemy
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 15 Cooking Machines and Manual Cooking
Chapter XVI Stealing His Plan
Chapter XVII
Chapter 18 I Want To Be The Sun
Chapter XIX Injured Leg
Chapter 20 Sleeping with You, Not Allowing You to Move
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter 22 You Must Carry Her Home
Chapter 23 You Are Not My Type
Chapter 24Beauty Bodyguards Accompany School
Chapter 25 My Dad Is the Governor
Chapter 26A Gentle Kiss
Chapter 27 is Comforted
Chapter 28 Anti-Gravity Jumping
Chapter 29 Can't Escape Her Palm
Chapter 30 A0073 Courier
Chapter 31There Are Ghosts
Chapter 32Salvation
Chapter 33 Was Bathed
Chapter 34 Where Spring Sakura Goes
Chapter 35Submissive Bloodlines
Chapter 36 Ambiguous Cass Doping
Chapter 37: Chaos in One School
Chapter 38 Rectification
Chapter 39 Night Fight
Chapter 40 Trading
Chapter forty-one he was not blinded
Chapter 42
Chapter 43A Butterfly That Appears Suddenly
Chapter 44The Joining of Butterflies
Chapter 45 Human Body Software
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 The Call of the Beauty Professor
Chapter 48. The Bane of Nanoelectronic Viruses
Chapter 49. The Taboo
Chapter 50Pain in Paris
Chapter 51. Outstanding Man of the Future
Chapter 52The Goddess Represents Gentleness
Chapter 53The Woman's Tears
Chapter 54: Something went wrong


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