What Is an Oblique Drawing?

Lean, pinyin qng xié, meaning skewed; skewed.

[qng xié]
Word: tilt
[tilt; incline; slope]
Magnetic needle tilts to geomagnetic direction
  1. (Object) sideways
    Example: The cup is tilted to the right.
    1. Skew: Skew.
      Tang Hanyu's Poem with Arrow: "Chongren decides more than a hundred feet, and the red and white magpies tilt."
      Song Suyi's "Chen Yun Qian Mu's Lagerstroemia Flowers" Part 2: "Hang Fangyu's eyes, and the inscribed poems have the words tilted."
      Ming Feng Meng, Long Qing, Cai Yuanfang, "The Essays of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty", 75th round: "The palace girl stands up and leans against each other, and smiles as usual.
      Biye's "Snow Road Clouds": "Sloping valleys and small grasslands ... quickly flashed before our eyes."
    2. The extension refers to wicked behavior .
      Qing Liang Zhangyi's "Retreat Essays and Bows": "Injustice and injustice, prostitution is inclined." [1]


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