What is Geology?

Geology, one of the five basic disciplines of natural science, alongside mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Geology is a natural philosophy that explores how the earth has evolved. Geology has its roots in human society s need for mineral resources such as oil, coal, metals, and non-metals. The exploration of geological mineral resources guided by geology is the survival of human society And the fundamental source of development. Geology is a knowledge system that studies the earth's material composition, internal structure, external characteristics, interactions between layers and its evolution history. With the development of social productive forces, the impact of human activities on the earth has become greater and greater, and the restrictive effect of geological environments on humans has become increasingly apparent. How to make reasonable and effective use of the earth's resources and maintain the environment in which humans live has become a common concern of the world today. Therefore, the field of geological research has further expanded to human-ground interaction.

[dì zhì xué]
Human pair
The study object of geology is the earth. The earth includes the solid earth and the atmosphere outside it.
The earth's crust is an extremely complex research object.
Human understanding of geology first began with the study of minerals and rocks that were considered stationary objects. By preserving
Among the first-level disciplines, there are 15 universities in China with "PhD level" authorization, and 14 participating in the evaluation this time; some universities with "PhD level" authorization and master's degree authorization participated in the evaluation; a total of 16 participating universities By. Note: The same scores below are listed in order of school codes. [1]
Human beings are in the development of the earth,
In the future, the scope and field of geological observation and research will be expanded day by day. In space, it can not only go deep into the deep lithosphere through direct or indirect methods, but also for the moon and solar system.
Main Discipline: Science
Professional name: Geology [2]
Occupation direction: Geological survey team Corresponding majors: Geology, geochemistry Occupational description: Engineering and technical personnel who specialize in geological surveys generally go to the field for field surveys.
Market trend: With the development of society and economy, the country's demand for resources and energy is becoming stronger and stronger. In addition to outsourcing, exploration based on its own resources is also necessary. As a result, the market's demand for geological exploration talents will maintain a relatively stable growth trend.
Office location: indoor, outdoor Initial position: Technical assistant Occupational pros and cons: High income, stable work, mostly working in the field, attractive to students who like adventure. [3]


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