What Are the Different Types of Space Robots?

A space robot is a general-purpose intelligent mechanical system operating on a spacecraft or space station. The space robot has a robot arm and a computer, which can realize functions such as perception, reasoning, and decision-making. It can complete various tasks like humans in a previously unknown space environment. Simple robots with only operational functions and no intelligence are generally called manipulators.

Space Robot Development Trend

NASA's humanoid RobonautR2A
The robots used on the early spacecraft were all remote robots with no intelligence. Today, the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union, and European countries are developing remote-control robots for the initial stage of the space station. With the development of aerospace activities, full autonomy requirements have been put forward for the advanced stage of the future space station. In addition, in outer space and interstellar surveys, it is no longer practical to remotely control a spacecraft on the ground. Autonomous control of the spacecraft is also required, so autonomous robots are the future space The inevitable development trend of application robots.

Space robot applications

Robots have been used in medical, entertainment, defense, public safety, and space exploration fields and are becoming more advanced. Some robots are fully autonomous, others require human input commands.
On February 24, 2011, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA's humanoid robot RobonautR2A waved to his companion RobonautR2B and said "goodbye". R2B took the space shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station. [3]


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