What is a Tabulating Machine?

The punch card was an early computer input device, and it can usually store 80 columns of data. It is a very thin piece of paper with an area of 190 x 84 mm. The first data processing machine that uses punch card technology is a great invention of American statistical expert Dr. Hollerith. Hollerith Machine (Hollerith Machine), a calculator born of the US Census. Before 1880, the census in the United States was done manually. After the 1880 census was completed, Americans realized that according to the population growth rate at that time, it would not be possible to complete the statistics in the next 1890 census in ten years, and US law requires that it be completed within ten years. So bidding sought a solution. Herman Hollerith designed this technique of punching cards to help solve the problems of the Bureau of Statistics. But he did not make any money himself. In 1896 he established a Tabulating Machine Company to sell his products to other countries. Later, when he was old, he sold the company to a supervisor. It eventually became one of the three companies that set up IBM.


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