What is a USB Hard Drive?

Hard disk drive (Hard Disk Disk) is a kind of main computer storage medium. It consists of one or more aluminum or glass discs. These discs are covered with ferromagnetic material. Most hard disks are fixed hard disks that are permanently sealed and fixed in the hard drive. Nowadays, removable hard drives are becoming more and more popular.

Hard disk drive

Hard disk drive (hard-disk drive) is a kind of main computer storage medium. It is made of one or more aluminum or glass.
A hard disk drive (HDD) refers to a device in a personal computer that controls the addressing of hard disks and accesses data. It is through the hard drive that the computer can store data. Although hard drives and hard disks (
Mechanical hard disk is mainly composed of
Early hard drives used in desktop computers used
The first hard drive in the world was IBM's System 305, produced in 1956 and used for
If the solid-state hard drive is powered off, the main control may be disturbed by the current, which will cause the main control to go down. Therefore, users of solid-state drives, please do not power off casually. Although the principle of solid-state hard disks is several orders of magnitude less likely to be damaged than mechanical hard disks, they still cannot withstand human failure [2] .


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