What is a Wireless Camera?

U disk storage and remote wireless WIFI camera function camera GR130XGA-WU has been tested by GOLDROOM and relevant industry experts, and it is considered to have a function of both on-site video display observation and image storage in U disk, and remote use of wireless WiFi A new industrial vision camera that takes pictures and saves the images directly to a computer. This industrial camera can be widely used for camera capture, observation, visual tracking or monitoring, appearance inspection, computer wireless WIFI digital microscope imaging system. In particular, many product systems in the field of microscopes are widely used. For example: GR001TVD video digital microscope, metallographic digital microscope, digital stereo microscope, digital biological microscope and imported microscope photographic microscope and PCTV microscope imaging system, WIFI industrial camera polarizing microscope and phase contrast microscope, and factory / workshop microscope or tool microscope USB measuring microscope, computer microscope and industrial vision inspection system, WIFI industrial camera 3D measuring microscope digital metallographic microscope and USB industrial camera automatic inspection contrast software microscope.
Product performance description: 1.3 million pixels, 15-pin DSUB interface Product Note: with USB storage function, WIFI wireless function 1, power input: 5V ~ 12VDC
2. Support VGA display resolution: 1280-1024 (5: 4), 1280-720 (16: 9),
1024-768 (4: 3)
3, support U disk to take pictures, the resolution of the picture is consistent with the current display resolution of 1.3 million pixels, 15-pin D-SUB interface. With USB storage function, WIFI wireless function. (Including the host, 4GUSB storage, WIFI wireless receiver, power supply, etc.) Supports Windows XP (32 / 64-bit); Win7 (32 / 64-bit) Win8 (32 / 64-bit) computer photography.


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